The Health Passport was created to make sure medical information follows each child in DFPS conservatorship wherever they go. The Passport travels with each child, even when the child moves. Health Passport can also be used from a mobile device. 

What is the Health Passport?

The Health Passport is a computer-based system that has health data about children in the STAR Health program. The Health Passport is not a full medical record.  It has information on diagnoses, gaps in care, doctor and dentist visits, hospital stays, prescriptions and shot records. The Health Passport can be found at

Medical Consenters and DFPS staff may use the computer-based Health Passport Training on Superior Health Plan Network's website at Training Toolkit.

When using the Health Passport for the first time, the user must register using his or her DFPS IMPACT Person Identification (PID) number and other identifying information. The user will create a password and no longer need his or her PID number to access the Health Passport. The medical consenter may find his or her PID in the heading of the Designation of Medical Consent form 2085-B.

Where can I find my Person Identification (PID)?

Non DFPS Medical Consenters should find their PID at the top of the Designation of Medical Consenter form (provided at the time of placement) or contact their DFPS Caseworker or Supervisor for their PID.

Health Passport Support

If users have difficulty using the health passport website, they may email or call for technical assistance.

Health Passport users must be responsible for maintaining the physical security and confidentiality of Health Passport Information.  They may only share information from the Health Passport with someone who has a direct need to know the information for the purpose of providing health care services for your child.  They must only share the minimum amount of information necessary to aid in the provision of health care services. 

Only a user who is a DFPS staff member may give a copy of the Health Passport or sections of the Health Passport to other persons or entities. The DFPS caseworker will provide a copy of the Health Passport to youth who exit foster care at age 18.