Q: If I am awarded $5,000 dollars how will I get my money?
A: Depending on which semesters you check on the application form, the ETV award will be divided by the number of semesters you choose. For example, if you choose the Fall, you will have access to your full award. If you choose the Fall and Spring, you will have access to half for the Fall and half for the Spring. If you choose the Fall, Spring and Summer, your award will be divided by three.

Q: If I do not go to school in the summer (3 hours the first summer session and 3 hours the second summer session) will I be able to use my money in the Fall and Spring?
A: Yes. You must indicate on your application what semesters you plan to attend. ETV will not be able to change your choice once you make it on the application.

Q: Should I create a budget?
A: Yes!  A budget or expenditure plan must be submitted with the ETV application for each semester indicating how ETV funds are being spent towards the costs of attendance at school.

Q: Can changing schools change my award amount?
A: Yes. Costs of attendance vary at each school.  ETV staff need to be informed prior to changes to adjust the cost of attendance, if any.

Q: Should I make copies of all documents submitted to ETV?
A: Yes! Mail gets lost; fax machines are not 100% reliable. If we did not receive your information the first time it is a good idea to keep records on file so it will not delay you from receiving benefits.  Documents may also be sent by email in a PDF format.

Q: Is ETV an entitlement program?
A: No. ETV funds are discretionary funds authorized by Congress each year.  ETV's purpose is intended to assist youth aging out of foster care with vouchers of up to $5,000 to specifically to meet education and training needs.  

Q: Who can help me apply for ETV?
A: Please contact your local Preparation for Adult Living Coordinator (PAL), After-Care caseworker, an Adoption Eligibility Assistance Specialist (if adopted after age 16), or the ETV Coordinator to assist you with applying for the ETV program.  Initially it is your responsibility to ensure that the application is filled out properly, signed and all supporting documents are submitted timely.  If you do not have a PAL or After-Care caseworker please contact the ETV Coordinator that serves your region.  This information is available on the BCFS website.

Q: Can I use ETV funds to attend school while in the Extended Foster Care Program?
Yes, as long as the funds are used for the cost of attendance to the college/university/vocational or technical school.   ETV funds may not be used to cover housing or basic living costs but may be used to pay for transportation expenses to and from school, child care while attending school, books, tutoring, computers, etc.   You must notify the ETV Coordinator that you are in Extended Foster Care when applying for ETV.  Additionally you need to contact your CPS caseworker when enrolling in the ETV program.