Authority/Reference(s) Texas Government Code §656.052; Texas Government Code §656.050
Revision Date September 1, 2021


In addition to completing required general DFPS and State Employee Training classes, Contract Managers are required to complete specific training related to:

  • HHS Ethics: This computer-based training is available through the CAPPS HR portal under System Training Solutions. Training must be completed within 30 days of a contract manager’s employment start date and annually thereafter. Contract managers that have transferred from another agency may provide documentation of completion of this training (if the training was taken within the previous 11 months).
  • Texas Contract Management Certification Training (CTCM): This training is required by the Comptroller and includes training on contract management, project management, and negotiation strategies. For information on the CTCM certification, including the required timeframe for completion, refer to Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM).  
  • Contracting Basic Skills Development (BSD): This training should be completed within 12 months of a contract manager’s start date.  Contract staff interested in attending, or retaking BSD as a refresher course may request to do so. BSD is conducted in an online blended learning environment which allows flexibility for contract staff to complete and work at their own pace.

BSD is designed as an introduction for DFPS contract staff and should be supplemented by on the job and division specific training conducted by contract divisions themselves. BSD is hosted by COS and includes contract management topics such as:

    • Overview of laws and requirements that govern contracting
    • Contract execution and contract management
    • Contracting risk and controls
    • Oversight and monitoring
    • Overview of CAPPS Financials and SCOR
    • DFPS resources for contract staff