What is a Prevention Framework?

We all benefit from community support. Behind many families that succeeded on their own is a strong community that provided a way for the family to meet their needs. A community functioning in a strong and healthy way is all that many families need to succeed.

The Prevention Framework Foundation was developed to exemplify how the supports of strong communities intertwine to wrap around a family and promote their success.

Support activities that all families can access and that contribute to the social well-being of the entire community

View full size. Drawing of the following elements in a circle: schools, family events, library, faith-based organzations, legal services and courts, extended family, doctors, groceries, media and stable housing

Strong communities support the well-being of all families by having access to:

  • Quality stable jobs
  • Affordable and nutritious food
  • Stable and affordable housing
  • Well and sick care for the entire family
  • Social and emotional support
  • High quality education and childcare
  • Activities that connect the families to others
  • Media that supports and informs families
  • Quality legal services and judiciary

Support solutions in the community that help families overcome tough obstacles

View full size. Drawing of the following elements in a circle, presented as layers on top of the first framework image: child care subsidies, adult education, youth mentoring, job training, job assistance, parenting skills & coaching, substance use treatment, mental health services, televisits, mobile clinics, food charity programs, food subsidy programs, stress management, housing vouchers, affordable housing programs

Strong communities work to address the hard obstacles families can face by helping families find solutions or by working together as a community to remove the obstacle. These solutions and resources help families get back on track to succeeding “on the their own.”

  • These solutions are not for everyone in the community but should be easily accessible for families.
  • These solutions should strengthen and support the activities that contribute to the well-being of the entire community.

Support activities that connect community resources to each other

View full size. Drawing of all of the elements in the first two framework images, with arrows drawing connections between every activity and resource.

Resources are not in the community, they are part of the community. When a family walks in a door, they should find the solution they need, even if the walked in the wrong door.

Strong communities do not just have solutions for families, they have connected resources and solutions that are responsive to changing needs of families.

  • Connection between these activities, solutions, and efforts maximizes the impact of all community-based efforts.
  • These connections strengthen the community for all families.

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