There are many opportunities to contribute to addressing disproportionality where you live, work, learn and play. Leaders of all kinds, from doctors, business owners, educators, civic professionals, non-profit groups, tribal authorities, religious figures and more who speak out in support of these efforts are making powerful statements to children and families in the child welfare system and to their communities. Bring in the voices of lived experience around you as you create or address solutions, and invite them to help build new opportunities alongside you.

Another opportunity includes making positive partnerships with other groups in your community to building awareness and responsiveness in communities across Texas. Join your local chambers of commerce, schools and business alliances to look at the specific issues surrounding disproportionality and disparity in your area. Use local and community-level data to understand your unique challenges and build solutions together.

DFPS has a variety of resources, including training opportunities in your area. Check out the resources below or contact the DFPS Disproportionality Mailbox.

Additional Resources

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