PEI contracts with community-based programs and agencies to expand the available opportunities to maximize the potential of children and families in Texas communities. Not all services are available in all Texas communities. Services are free of charge and participation is voluntary. PEI does not provide housing, transportation, or any services outside of the scope contracted by local providers.

You can search to find out which programs are available in your county or download our 2023 provider directory.


Special Initiatives

Special initiatives include the Get Parenting Tips website, an annual parenting tips calendar, and the annual Partners in Prevention Training Conference.

  • Get Parenting Tips: A website offering support for parents to foster child safety and prevent child abuse. Includes a vast amount of resources for parents including:
    • Parenting Tips: These tips for parents give advice from top experts.
    • Videos: Animated and real-life videos for parents of all ages.
    • Local Support: Resources for concrete support in your area.
    • Free Downloads: Colorful resources, including an annual calendar with parenting tips for each month of the year.
  • Annual Partners in Prevention training conference: The 2023 conference will be held in November in Austin, Texas.