Family-Based Safety Services

Family-Based Safety Services (FBSS) can help avoid the need to remove children from their homes - or make it possible for the children to return home - by strengthening the ability of families to protect their children and reducing threats to their safety. CPS uses in-home services to help families maintain a stable and safe home and to reduce the risk of future abuse or neglect. FBSS services include family counseling, crisis intervention, parenting classes, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence intervention, and day care.

Family Group Decision Making

Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) has a variety of practices to work with and engage children, youth, and families in safety and service planning and decision making.

Parent Collaboration Group

The Parent Collaboration Group (PCB) provides a way to include birth parents in our ongoing efforts to review and improve CPS. As clients, they bring a unique and valuable perspective on how to improve services to families and children. Local DFPS staff partner with parent liaisons to enhance services and communication between the agency and families getting CPS services.

Responsible Fathering

Fathers are a critical component of the family, and a father's involvement in the lives of his children can be essential to their success as they deal with life from day to day. The goal of Responsible Fathering is to provide men and their families with support and services to help them be fully involved dads.