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2500 DFPS Employees

DFPS Asset Management Handbook February 2011

DFPS employees are responsible for:

  •  being accountable for the care and custody of all state property assigned to them and located in their work areas; employees may be held liable for lost, stolen, or damaged property and required to make restitution (see 6000 Stolen, Missing, or Damaged Property);

  •  ensuring state property is not removed from their work area unless proper transfer documentation is presented in writing;

  •  acknowledging receipt of and responsibility for assigned property by signing the HHS-AM01, Individual Inventory and Equipment Transfer;

  •  cooperating with staff conducting the annual physical inventory;

  •  immediately notifying the supervisor if property is lost, stolen, or damaged;

  •  releasing property, even temporarily, to another employee, including supervisors, only with an HHS-AM01 signed by both the giving and receiving employees; and

  •  following asset receiving instructions appropriate to their location.

2600 Information Technology Staff

DFPS Asset Management Handbook February 2011

Information technology (IT) staff helps execute asset management processes and procedures during installations or removals of tracked assets, investigations of lost, stolen or damaged property, and during annual physical inventories. IT also has responsibility for assets within its temporary or permanent custody. All IT-internal Asset Management policy and procedures are subject to and must comply with DFPS asset management policy and procedures.

2700 Receiving Staff

DFPS Asset Management Handbook February 2011

In some locations, DFPS staff receive agency deliveries in a central location, thereby becoming interim custodians of agency property. Responsibilities of receiving staff include:

  •  ensuring all paperwork is in order, including packing slips and receiving reports;

  •  affixing the appropriate tag to property as it is received;

  •  entering the receiving report in DFPS HHSAS or completing a paper version; and

  •  notifying the addressee of the delivery within one business day.

All receiving staff must follow receiving processes described in Section 4200.

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