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Appendix 1: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation History Bars for DFPS Employees, Prospective Employees, Volunteers, and Interns, Non-DFPS Staff, and CASA Employees, Volunteers, and Board Members

Background Checks December 2022

A person is barred from having direct access to or direct contact with DFPS resources and clients and from providing contracted services to populations that DFPS serves if all of the following apply:

  • The person is a perpetrator in a DFPS case.
  • The allegation for which the person is a perpetrator has one of the following dispositions:
    • Reason to Believe (RTB), for Child Protective Investigations (CPI) and Child Care Investigations (CCI) cases.
    • Valid, for Adult Protective Services (APS).
    • Confirmed, for Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Provider Investigations cases.
  • The allegation is any of the following:
    • Forced or coerced marriage abuse (FMAB).
    • Labor trafficking (LBTR).
    • Physical abuse (PHAB).
    • Sex trafficking (SXTR).
    • Sexual abuse (SXAB).
    • Sexual exploitation (HHSC Provider Investigations only).

Background Checks staff reviews all other DFPS history to determine whether the person may have direct access to or direct contact with DFPS resources and clients or may provide contracted services to populations that DFPS serves. Other DFPS history includes the following:

  • DFPS cases in which the person has a role other than perpetrator.
  • Allegations that have a disposition other than Reason to Believe (RTB), Valid, or Confirmed.
  • Allegations that do not have a disposition.
  • Allegations that are not listed above (such as neglect).

Note: For the purposes of this policy, HHSC Provider Investigations history is considered to be a type of DFPS history, and an HHSC Provider Investigations case is considered in the same way as a DFPS case.

See Appendix 5: Tips for Reviewing DFPS Case History to Assess Hiring Eligibility.

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