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Appendix 5: Tips for Reviewing DFPS Case History to Assess Hiring Eligibility

Background Checks September 2022

If prior DFPS history is found for a prospective employee during the course of the DFPS history background check, decision makers (hiring authority or Background Checks) are required to review case information in certain situations and assess if it is appropriate to hire this person. The goal of this review is to determine if the history with DFPS may present a risk to the vulnerable clients that DFPS serves.

The factors used to assess risk should include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •  The nature and severity of the incident or incidences

  •  Whether the abuse or neglect resulted in any criminal charges

  •  The circumstances surrounding the incident or incidences

  •  The seriousness of any injuries

  •  The length of time since the incident or incidences occurred

  •  Whether there have been repeated incidences

  •  The role of the person in the incident or incidences

  •  The person’s response to and cooperation with DFPS caseworkers and other professionals

  •  The position, role, and responsibilities the prospective employee would have in the applied-for position

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