Handbook Revision, December 2022

Appendix 1 – HHSC Investigations (PATS 13864)

This handbook revision adds the disposition of Confirmed for HHSC Provider Investigations.


Appendix 1: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation History Bars for DFPS Employees, Prospective Employees, Volunteers, and Interns, Non-DFPS Staff, and CASA Employees, Volunteers, and Board Members

Current and Prospective Employees (PATS 13770)

After review of Section 4000 of the DFPS Background Checks Handbook, regarding background checks for prospective DFPS employees, this policy is being rewritten to remove all content related to internal processes and to address background checks for both current and prospective employees, FBI fingerprint check requirements, and employment eligibility decisions.


4000 Background Checks DFPS History Checks for DFPS Prospective and Current Employees

4100 Defining Staff Division of Responsibilities for Conducting DFPS History Checks

4110 Background Checks Staff

4120 Human Resources (HR) Staff

4130 DFPS Hiring Authority

4200 DFPS History Check Procedures

4210 Initiating a DFPS History Check

4220 Conducting a Check

4230 Processing Clearances and Non-Prohibitive Matches

4240 Processing Potential Matches

4200 Background Check Results

4210 DFPS History

4211 4241 Regional Positions

4212 4242 State Office Positions

4250 Processing Confirmed Matches

4251 Regional Positions

4252 State Office Positions

4213 4260 Marking Cases as Sensitive in IMPACT

4220 Criminal History

4221 Sex Offender Registration

4230 Background Checks Requiring Review

4300 Making an Employment Eligibility Decision

4310 Eligible Background Checks

4320 Ineligible Background Checks

4321 Incomplete Background Checks