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Appendix 7000-2: Procedure for Requesting a Level 1 Policy Variance

CPS 2001-05

CPS staff who do not meet the Level 1 requirements as outlined in Minimum Standards and Guidelines for Child-Placing Agencies, Standard 2311.1 but who meet Licensing's criteria for obtaining a variance as outlined in Appendix 6151-A may apply for the variance in the following manner:

1.   The CPS staff person should send an email or memo addressed to their Program Director requesting the Level 1 variance and include the following information:

  ·  the requestor's position;

  ·  the requestor's office address/mail code;

  ·  the requestor's degree and field of study;

  ·  the requestor's years of experience as a CPS worker or equivalent;

  ·  the requestor's years of experience as a CPS supervisor or equivalent;

  ·  the name and office location/mail code of the Level 1 person who will be overseeing the requestor's work during the period of the variance requested (for variances with a duration of under three years);

  ·  any license the requestor might have; and

  ·  the date the requestor obtained supervisor certification, if applicable.

2.   The Program Director reviews the request and, if approved, forwards it (email or memo) to the Program Administrator. 

3.   The Program Administrator reviews the request and, if approved, forwards it (email or memo) to state office. Note, the Program Administrator may choose to allow the Program Director to forward the request to state office with a cc to the Program Administrator.

4.   The state office policy specialist reviews the request. If appropriate, the CPS director or designee then sends a memo to Licensing requesting the Level 1 variance. Licensing then reviews the request and sends a response to the CPS director or designee. The variance, if granted, is subject to any conditions noted until the renewal date, unless a non-expiring variance is granted.

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