Handbook Revision, August 2022

This revision of the Faith-Based and Community Engagement Handbook was published on August 1, 2022. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Rewrite of Handbook (PATS 13107)

The Faith-Based and Community Engagement division formed in June 2020. The policy changes reflect the change in structure and name (formerly known as the Volunteer and Community Engagement Policy Handbook). Other specific changes include the following:

  • Section 3000: New section 3250 Process for Recommending Advisory Committee Members to the Commissioner for Approval.
  • Section 4000: Donation policy changed to allow an employee to solicit donations for a specific group of clients, rather than just one client at a time.
  • Section 7000: Updated and reorganized background checks policy.
  • Section 8000: Updates reflect structural changes in the team.
  • Appendix I: Donations Procedures: Removes contact information.


1000 Office of Faith-Based Volunteer and Community Engagement Division Overview

1100 FBCE OVCE Resources

1200 Definitions

1200 1330 All DFPS Employees

1300 OVCE Structure

1310 APS and CPS Regional/District Community Engagement Specialists

1320 Regional/District Directors and Program Administrators

1300 1400 Protecting Client Confidentiality

1400 1500 Ensuring Client Safety

1500 1600 Legal Requirements for Volunteer Programs

1600 1700 Equal Opportunity for Volunteers

2000 Policy Governing Resource Rooms

2100 DFPS Resource Room Employees

2110 When a Resource Room Has No Dedicated Employee Staff

2200 Approved Resource Room Inventory Systems

2300 Requesting and Obtaining Gift Cards in Resource Rooms

2310 Tracking and Documentation of Gift Cards

2311 Retention of Gift Card Documentation

2400 Initiating a Resource Room

2500 On-Site Resource Rooms

2600 Reconciliation of Resource Room Records

3000 Stakeholder Relations

3100 Memorandums of Understanding

3200 Advisory Committees and Informal Workgroups

3210 Establishing an Advisory Committee or Informal Workgroup

3220 Determining the Need for an Advisory Committee

3230 Convening a Workgroup for Stakeholder Input

3240 Commissioner Approval for Establishment of an Advisory Committee

3250 Process for Recommending Advisory Committee Members to the Commissioner for Approval

4000 Acceptance and Use of Donations and Gifts

4100 Prohibition Against Soliciting on Behalf of DFPS, its Programs, or Employees

4100 4210 Accepting Donations

4200 Permissible Solicitation on Behalf of DFPS Clients

4200 4100 Soliciting Donations

4210 Handling Monetary and In-Kind Donations

4211 Monetary Donations

4212 In-Kind (Non-Monetary) Donations

4300 Employee Ethics

4400 Donations from Contractors, Vendors, or Licensees

4400 4220 Use of Retail or Other Gift Cards

4410 4221 Access to Gift Cards

4500 4300 Securing Meeting Space

5000 DFPS Volunteer Policy

5100 Direct Service Volunteers

5110 Requirements and Training

5200 Volunteer Groups

5210 Ongoing Collaborative Group Efforts

5300 Types of Services Performed by Volunteers

5310 Types of Services Not Appropriate for Volunteers

5320 Court-Ordered Community Service Volunteers

5400 Inquiries from Potential Volunteers

5400 5500 Arranging Interviews for Suitable Candidates

5410 5510 Information to Be Provided to the Volunteer During the Interview

5500 5600 Processing Volunteer Paperwork

5600 5700 Volunteer Training

5700 5800 Granting Computer Access to Volunteers

5710 5810 Move, Add, or Change and Remove Change Request

5720 5820 Use of IMPACT by Volunteers

5800 5900 Approving Volunteers to Transport Clients

5810 5910 Prerequisites to Transporting Clients on Behalf of DFPS

5820 5920 Driver Record Checks

6000 Interns and Youth Volunteers

6100 Student Interns

6200 Youth Volunteers

6210 Supervision of Youth Volunteers

6220 Youth Volunteers in Groups

7000 Background Check Procedures

7100 Required Background Checks

7110 Criminal Background Check Results

7120 Abuse and Neglect Background Check Results

7121 Volunteers with Barrable DFPS History

7122 Volunteers with Cleared DFPS Case History

7123 Volunteers with Active DFPS Cases

7130 Barred Background Checks

7200 Background Check Restrictions and Exceptions

7200 7100 Background Check Results

7210 7122 Volunteers with Cleared DFPS Case History

7220 7123 Volunteers with an Active DFPS Cases

7230 7130 Barred Background Checks

7240 7700 Contesting Criminal History Results

7300 7200 Background Checks Restrictions and Exceptions

7310 7210 Background Checks for Employees of Donating Vendors

7320 7300 Background Checks for County-Appointed Child Welfare Boards (CWBs)

7330 7400 Background Checks for Adult Protective Services Boards

7400 7500 Confidential and Sensitive Information

7500 7600 Self-Reporting Requirements for Volunteers and Interns

7600 Requesting a Review of Background Checks’ Decision

7700 7800 Driver Record Checks for Transportation Volunteers

8000 Responsibilities of Volunteers and Volunteer Supervisors

8100 Dispute Resolution

8200 Attendance Policy

8300 Personal Use of State Property

8400 Reimbursement of Expenses

8410 Reimbursement Procedures

8500 Liability, DFPS Responsibility, and Immunity

8510 Liability and DFPS Responsibility

8520 Immunity from Civil Liability for Good Faith Actions

8530 Insurance and Accident Reporting

8540 Reporting Accidents

8541 Notification of Intent to Sue

8600 Driving

8700 Handguns

Appendix I: Donations Procedures