Title IV-E Training Contracts Financial Handbook

Summary of Previous Revisions

February 15, 2013

2120 Office of Management and Budget (OMB) – Title IV-E Requirements

3000 Introduction to the Title IV-E Program

4000 Title IV-E Training Contracts With Universities

4100 Recipients of Title IV-E Training

4200 Title IV-E Training Topics

4210 Allowable Title IV-E Training Topics

4300 Allowable Expenses Under Title IV-E

4310 Allowable Administrative Expenditures Under Title IV-E

4433 Documenting Administrative Travel Allowable Under Title IV-E Contracts With Universities

Appendix D: Activities and Training Topics Claimable as a Title IV-E Match

August 9, 2009

This initial release of the Title IV-E Finance Handbook for Training Contracts With Universities was published on August 11, 2009. Before this date the handbook was distributed in PDF format.