DFPS Travel Services

Handbook Revision, May 2015

This revision of the DFPS Travel Services Handbook was published on May 1, 2015. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Travel Policy (PATS 8027)

The handbook has been revised to:

  •   Replace all references to Travel Authorization System (TAS) to Travel Authorization (TA) process in eTravel

  •   Update the Advance travel requests, settlements, and recoupment due dates from 10 business days to 14 calendar days to conform with the advance travel implementations in eTravel.

  •   In state lodging reimbursement rates – allow expansion to the county column on the GSA chart and allow meals to be reduced to increase lodging

  •   Include the CPA policy about cancellation charges


1000 DFPS Travel Policy Overview

1100 Terms and Definitions

1300 Conveniences for State Travelers

1500 Travel Inquiry and Contact Information

1830 Traveler’s Responsibilities

2150 Applying for a State Travel Charge Card

2200 Travel Advance Funds

2210 Who Will Be Issued Travel Advance Funds

2220 Who Will Not Be Issued Travel Advance Funds

2230 When to Submit a Travel Advance Request and Travel Settlement Claim

2240 Travel Advance Request Procedures

2250 Travel Advance Settlement Procedures

2252 Delinquent Travel Advance Settlement Claim

2253 Repaying Unallowable Expenses Charged to the EXTRA Card

2260 The Authorized Traveler and Supervisor Responsibility

2311 In-State Travel Reimbursement for Lodging

2320 Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement for Lodging and Meals

2321 Out-of-Country Travel Reimbursement for Lodging and Meals

2322 Washington D.C. Travel Reimbursement for Lodging and Meals

2360 Combining State and Personal Business

2410 Reimbursing Personal Vehicle Travel

2430 Multiple Authorized Travelers

2452 Mileage Between Lodging and Restaurants or Lodging and Duty Point

2454 Mileage Between Residence and Duty Point

2510 Completing Appropriate Travel Forms

2520 Obtain Authorization Signatures

2530 Types of Travel Related to Child Placement

2610 Contracted Travel Agency

2620 Airfare

2630 Rental Cars

2631 Allowable Rental Car Expenses

2642 Trains

2650 Client Travel by Bus

2660 Changes or Cancellations to Travel Reservations

2710 Conference and Seminar Expenses

2711 Registration Fees

3100 When to Submit Travel Claims

3300 Combining Personal and State Business

3700 Attachments Required

4100 Telework Travel Policy

6000 Automated Online Travel System – eTravel

7000 Executive Travel Memos – Reimbursement and Policy Exceptions