Handbook Revision, June 14, 2021

This revision of the DFPS Travel Services Handbook was published on June 14, 2021. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Attachments Required (PATS 13533)

This policy update reflects requirements for documents to submit in eTravel and paper forms for direct-billed and reimbursable travel expenses. This update mirrors relevant policy updates in other sections of the handbook and in the Texas Government Code.


3700 Attachments Required

Public Transportation Updates (PATS 13232)

Policy is being updated to include the following:

  • Current government code.
  • New contracted vendors from the State Travel Management Program (STMP).
  • Processes and procedures required to reserve public transportation.
  • Reimbursement for public transportation expenses.
  • DFPS-specific vendor links.


2600 Public Transportation

2610 Contracted Travel Agency

2620 Airfare

2621 Ticket for Required Extra Seat

2622 Airline Baggage Fees

2630 Rental Cars

2631 Allowable Rental Car Expenses

2632 Unallowable Rental Car Expenses

2640 Other Public Transportation Modes

2641 Chartered or State-Owned Aircraft

2642 2641 Trains

2650 Client Travel by Bus

2660 Changes or Cancellations to Travel Reservations

Other Travel Expenses (PATS 13387)

This policy revision clarifies and updates requirements, procedures, and processes for reimbursements for the following types of travel expenses:

  • Conference, seminar, and training expenses.
  • Registration fees.
  • Travel for job interviews.
  • Incidental expenses.
  • Travelers with disabilities.
  • Minor clients and foster children expenses.

These updates mirror relevant policy updates in other sections of the handbook.


2700 Other Travel Expenses

2710 Conference, and Seminar, and Training Expenses

2711 Registration Fees

2720 Reimbursement for Travel to Job Interviews

2730 Incidental Expenses

2731 Allowable Incidental Business Expenses

2731.1 Business Related Administrative Expenses

2731.2 Business Related Vehicle Expenses

2731.3 Business Related Foreign Travel Expenses

2731.4 Personal Attendant Expenses

2732 Unallowable Incidental Expenses

2740 Travelers With Disabilities

2741 Transportation Reimbursement

2742 Attendant Expenses

2742.1 Allowable Attendant Travel Expenses

2742.2 Preparing Claims for Attendant Expenses

2742.3 Porter Assistance

2742.4 Personal Attendant Services and Accommodations

2750 Foster Child and Ward of State Minor Clients and Foster Children Expenses