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8130 Policy Waivers or New Service Requests

8131 New Service Requests

CPS November 2006

The associate commissioner of CPS has the authority to approve the purchase of services not listed in the CPS Handbook. See:

8121 Direct Services

8122 Support Services

To offer a client services that are not listed in the CPS Handbook, the regional CPS program administrator must send a written request for a waiver to the associate commissioner of CPS.

Each request must:

  •  describe the service to be provided;

  •  define the units of service;

  •  state the need;

  •  estimate the cost;

  •  specify the period of time for which the service will be needed; and

  •  specify the source of funding.

8132 Policy Waiver Requests

CPS November 2006

The associate commissioner of CPS has the authority to waive existing policy.

To request a waiver, the CPS regional director must:

  •  send a written request to the associate commissioner of CPS;

  •  state the policy section that needs to be waived; and

  •  state the reasons or rationale for requesting the waiver.

Material in the CPS Handbook cited as a rule may not be waived. See 8110 Definitions, "Rules."

When deciding whether to waive policy, the assistant commissioner of CPS considers the following criteria:

  •  Need for the service

  •  Requirements of federal and state law

  •  Cost

  •  Period of time for which the service will be needed

  •  Available funding

8140 Consultant Contracts

CPS November 2006

Consultant contracts are not purchased under DFPS policy for purchased services.

To contract with a consultant, see the:

  •  DFPS guidelines on business services; or 

  •  Texas Government Code, Chapter 2254, Professional and Consulting Services, which describes:

  •  procuring services non-competitively with physicians, attorneys, surveyors, and so on, and

  •  contracting with consultants who provide support services to governmental entities. See the Business Services Handbook.

DFPS contracts with consultants to resolve agency-related issues or problems that may or may not relate directly to clients. The consultation focuses on improving agency operations or the management of programs or services.

8150 State Office and Regional Responsibilities

8151 State Office Responsibilities

CPS November 2006

When working with contracts, contract management staff at the state office in Austin:

  •  develop, manage, and evaluate certain statewide contracts;

  •  consult with regional workers to help them develop and manage regional contracts; and

  •  develop and interpret statewide policies on purchasing services to protect children.

CPS policies for purchasing services to protect children must be consistent with policies in the Contract Administration Handbook.

8152 Regional Responsibilities

CPS November 2006

When working with contracts, regional CPS workers:

  •  identify the services needed;

  •  refer clients to the appropriate services;

  •  provide sufficient information for contractors to understand the client's circumstances and involvement with CPS;

  •  maintain appropriate contact with the contractor and client while services are being provided;

  •  provide evaluative data to the contract manager about contractor performance; and

  •  document the case and notify the contract staff when services are concluded.

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