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6000 Automated Online Travel System – eTravel

Travel Policy August 2015

As of July 2013, DFPS implemented the eTravel System. All DFPS staff are required to use the online eTravel System in place of the paper forms for travel claims, travel authorizations, and advance travel requests and settlements. This mandate comes from DFPS Executive Level Management. Exceptions to this policy are the following:

  •   Small Claims Travel Voucher – Use the paper Travel Claim voucher (Form 4104) - See Definitions.

  •   Out of Country Travel–- For claims use the paper Travel Claim Voucher (Form 4104) and for travel authorization use the paper Travel/Car Rental Authorization (Form 4186).

  •   Travel Claims for non-DFPS Enterprise State Employees – Use the paper Travel Claim (Form 4104).

  •   Supplemental Claim – Use the paper Travel Claim (Form 4104).

Travel Claims

The eTravel System handles the complete travel claim process. Travelers will be able to:

  •   plan, record, and enter Trip information (Dates of Travel, Trip Address, Duties Performed, and other necessary information);

  •   upload all required and appropriate supporting documentation;

  •   enter lodging and meal information on the Expenses page;

  •   link an approved Travel Authorization (TA) to each necessary transaction line for out-of-state travel, public transportation, and gas for a rental car;

  •   enter other expenses, that are not all-inclusive, in the dropdown provided:

  •   expenses for wards of the state (meals, lodging, transportation, entertainment),

  •   “Other” expenses (copies, faxes, and so on),

  •   lodging taxes – state and local taxes are separate line items,

  •   public transportation (airfare, car rental, bus-city to city, train-city to city, and so on), and

  •   incidentals – tolls, parking, rental car gasoline, and so on.

Travel Claim Status

eTravel supplies an ongoing “Status” allowing travelers and management to view the current status at any time. Here are the various Status records and basic definitions:

In Process – Travel Claim is in the initial stage. The traveler or alternate preparer is creating the new Travel Claim. The Travel Claim can be modified at any time during this status.

Pending Approval – Travel claim is waiting for supervisor approval. This status could be used also when going through multiple approvals for late claims.

Approval in Process – Supervisor is reviewing or making comments on the claim. Traveler is unable to modify the claim.

Approver Denied – The Travel Claim has been denied by the approvers but not the Travel Claims Unit.

Audit Received – Travel Claim has been approved by first level approver or last approver and is now on the Travel department’s Master Workload.

Audit in Process – Travel Claim is currently being audited by an auditor in the Travel department.

Return to Traveler – Travel Claim has been returned by the Travel Claims Unit for correction, clarification, or additional supporting documentation.

Return to Supervisor – Travel Claim has been returned to the approver by the Travel Claims Unit for clarification, comment, and additional approval.

Corrected – This claim has been corrected and sent back to Travel Claims for the completion of processing and will go to the top of the list of the original auditor to work as first priority.

Reduced/Processed – This claim has been reduced and processed for payment. Any part of the claim that is reduced may be eligible for a supplemental claim.

Processed – Travel Claim has been processed by the Travel Claims Unit. At this stage, audit is complete, and the Travel Claim is ready to be entered for payment. There were either no changes or additional information was supplied by the traveler to allow all charges.

Audit Hold – Travel Claim is currently being held by the Travel department for further review.

Team Lead Review – An auditor requires a team lead to review the claim due to questions or complexity. The auditor can assign the claim to a team lead for review or completion. Only Audit staff sees this status label.

Claims Processing

All eTravel Claims are worked on a first come, first serve basis. Travel Claim auditors are not assigned to a specific region. Auditors do not have the access to select specific Travel Claims to process, only to view. Auditors click on a button to work the next available Travel Claim. The system tracks Travel Claims that are returned for correction. Corrected Travel Claims are routed back to the original auditor placing the corrected Travel Claim at the top of this auditor’s worklist.


Travel Claims Unit

eTravel System Application Issues

Travel Authorizations (TA)

The Travel Authorization (TA) process in eTravel is used to pre-approve specific travel expenses. TA must be completed and approved for any:

  •   out-of-state travel;

  •   public transportation;

  •   car rentals;

  •   airfare;

  •   bus reservations (city to city);

  •   train reservations (city to city); and

  •   direct bill lodging (only available for emergency situations).

TA is used for all authorized travelers (clients, wards of the state, employees, or non-employees traveling on behalf of the agency).


Direct Bill Contact Information


Advance Travel Requests and Settlements

Advance Travel Requests and Settlements can be created and submitted in eTravel, and the system will route for the appropriate approvals. Please see section 2200 for additional Advance Travel requirements.


Advance Travel Contact Information

Advance Travel Email

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