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5000 Committee and Council Members Travel

5100 Allowable Expenses

Travel Policy October 2020

Members of some committees and councils are reimbursed for meals, lodging, transportation and incidental expenses when performing official duties. These groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Parent Collaboration Group
  • Advisory Committee on Promoting Adoption of Minority Children
  • Youth Leadership Council
  • Family and Protective Services Council

The committee or council member’s residence is considered as headquarters (HQ) when determining mileage reimbursement. The General Appropriations Act determines the amount allowed for meals and lodging and whether a compensatory per diem can be claimed.

Meals and lodging expenses are reimbursed for the actual cost, not to exceed the maximum allowable rate. Members with disabilities who require attendant services are eligible to receive reimbursement for those costs.

5200 Meetings at HQ

Travel Policy October 2020

Committee and council members may claim meals but not lodging while attending a meeting in their city of residence. The meals are reimbursed for the actual cost, not to exceed $30 per day.

5300 Attendant Care Expenses

Travel Policy October 2020

A committee or council member with a disability who requires a full-time attendant may be reimbursed for the attendant’s fees and expenses while traveling on agency business. Attendant expenses may include meals, lodging, fees, and transportation, with the following guidelines:

  • Receipts for attendant expenses must be attached to the paper travel voucher.
  • Attendant service fees and travel expenses should not exceed allowable travel expenses for the person attended. Attendant fees cannot exceed $50 per day without prior written approval by the commissioner or designee.
  • If the attendant shares lodging, include half the cost with expenses for the attendant and half with expenses for the person attended.

5400 Reimbursement Procedure for Attendant Expenses

Travel Policy October 2020

The Attendant Expenses will be added to the traveler’s paper Travel Voucher for reimbursement.

On page one of the Employee’s Travel Voucher in the Other Travel Expenses section, the traveler itemizes the attendant fees and travel expenses and enters the total.

On page two of the Employee’s Travel Voucher, the traveler does the following in the Actual Expense Meals and Lodging section:

  • Writes “Attendant above the headings.”
  • Enters the cost of the attendant’s meals and lodging.

On page three of the Employee’s Travel Voucher, the traveler enters the total attendant expenses for each day in Record of Transportation and Duties Performed.

Receipts are required for reimbursement of attendant fees and travel expenses. The receipt must include:

  • An itemized description of services
  • Dates of service.
  • Name and address of attendant and name of traveler attended.
  • The attendant’s fee.
  • The attendant’s signature.

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