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4000 Agency Programs With Unique Travel Policies

4100 Telework Travel Policy

Travel Policy July 2021

Employees with a Telework Agreement are required to calculate mileage between their authorized residence and duty points. Mileage is limited to a distance less than or equal to the mileage to the employee’s designated headquarters, place of employment or assigned location, regardless of the day of the week or time of day. Mileage from the employee’s authorized residence to the designated headquarters, place of employment or assigned location is not reimbursed.

Typically, a full-time teleworker’s designated headquarters is the same office where the teleworker previously had a workspace or has access to conduct official state business, such as attending meetings, getting supplies, and so on.

In eTravel, travelers note they are a teleworker in the Comment section of the Summary tab of the travel or settlement claim. The Travel Section verifies the traveler’s telework status.

For paper travel vouchers, the traveler writes “Teleworker” at the top of the voucher and highlights it before submission.

4200 Hotel Reservations for Children Without Placement (CWOP)

Travel Policy November 2023

Hotel reservations for children without placement (CWOP) must not be used in conjunction with a personal reward program to gain personal reward or discount points, regardless of payment type (State of Texas procurement card, personal credit card, and so on). It is not acceptable to gain personal reward points for, or to use personal reward points gained through, hotel purchases for CWOP with state-appropriated funds (state dollars).

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