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Appendix 1515: Foster Care Eligibility Case Record

CPS September 2017

Foster Care Eligibility staff must maintain a foster care eligibility case record for every child certified for foster care assistance. A child’s hard copy case record must be set up in the following manner:

Left Side of Folder

Top Tabbed Divider—Legal

1.   All court orders since removal (chronological order with most recent on top)

2.   Affidavit and Original Petition

Middle Tabbed Divider—Birth Verification/SSN

1.   Birth Certificate/BVS printout/Citizenship Verification

2.   Copy of Social Security Card/Printout of SSN Verification

Bottom Tabbed Divider—Misc./Correspondence

1.   Miscellaneous items (internal email, etc.)

2.   Correspondence (external letters or communication)

Right Side of Folder

Top Tabbed Divider—Placement

1.   Placement List page from IMPACT

Bottom Tabbed Divider—FC Eligibility

1.   Service Level List page from IMPACT

2.   Eligibility Summary List page from IMPACT

3.   Foster Care Application report

4.   Extended Foster Care documents (if child is 18)

5.   Inquiries for Eligibility Determination (screenshots of external databases: OAG, WTPY, TIERS, Data Broker, when applicable)

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