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Appendix 1514: Requesting Wire Third Party Query (WTPY) System Access

CPS October 2009

Requesting WTPY Access

As noted in 1514 Notifications to SSA and Use of the Wire Third Party Query (WTPY) System, DFPS staff may only use WTPY to query on children in DFPS conservatorship. Only staff who have an active eligibility caseload and who regularly use the system are given WTPY access. To request WTPY access, the following must occur:

1.   The eligibility specialist must complete:

  ·  Form 4014, WTPY - Computer Security Agreement;

  ·  Form 4743, Request for Applications and System Access, and

  ·  Form 7700, Move Add Remove Change (MAC)

2.   The eligibility specialist must e-mail the forms, as appropriate, to their supervisor for approval.

3.  The supervisor emails the form to their regional Network Security Administrator through their regional MAC Request mailbox.

4.  The Network Security Administrator sends the appropriate forms to HHSC Enterprise Security Management, which assigns user passwords.

Addressing Lockouts and Other Problems

Users having password problems should contact the HHSC Help Desk at (512) 438-4720. All other WTPY system problems are forwarded to the CPS State Office Federal/State Support Division.

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