Adult Protective Services Handbook Revision November 2008

This revision of the Adult Protective Services Handbook was published on November 3, 2008.

The 2000 Investigation Stage section has been replaced in its entirety and reflects. current policy and procedure. Staff should note substantial changes:

      Staff are required to use certified mail rather than registered mail to attempt contact with clients who cannot be located.

      The requirements for situations in which staff must take photographs have been changed. Additionally, the procedure for storing photos is now uploading digital photographs to the External Documentation page.

      Changes for attempted case initiation have been added to policy.

      Changes have been made regarding additional documentation requirements for case initiations that

  ·  take place after 24 hours have expired; and

  ·  are not successfully completed.

      References to the use of Severe Problem on the CARE tool have been removed.

      Additional requirements for attempted monthly status contacts have been added to policy.

      Staff must document all contacts within 24 hours.

      Requirements for obtaining a written statement in high-risk cases have been changed.

      The time frames for monthly status contacts in the month of closure have been updated

      Supervisory approval must be obtained before closing a case as Unable to Locate.

The following appendices have been added:

Appendix 2000-1: APS Specialist Safety

Appendix 2000-2: Definitions of Person Characteristics