Adult Protective Services Handbook Revision January 2010

This revision of the Adult Protective Services Handbook was published on January 4, 2010. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

APS In-Home Handbook Updates

Several updates are being made to the APS In-Home Handbook. These updates are not changes in policy or procedures. These are updates to clarify current policy and procedures in the APS In-Home Handbook. See:

1345 Physical Abuse (PHAB) Allegations

1347.10 Procedure for Assessing Exploitation (EXPL) Allegations

2131 Routing Coordinator Review for Special Needs Case Assignment

2142 Documentation for Secondary APS Specialists

2214 Examples of Case Initiation

2220 Changing Allegation Priorities

2253 Procedure for When the Client Is Inaccessible for Initial Face-to-Face Contact

2261 Procedure When Client Refuses to Cooperate With APS Investigation

2333 Documentation of Investigation Contacts

2334 Written Statements

2334.1 Procedures for Written Statements

2341.1 Procedure for Interviewing Clients

2347 Interviewing Minors

2350 Photographic Evidence

2352 Documentation for Photographs

2431 Procedure for Assessing Indicators of a Lack of Capacity to Consent to or Refuse Protective Services

2431.1 Procedure When the Client Refuses Protective Services

2431.2 Documentation for Client Refuses Protective Services

2441 Procedure for Undue Influence

2511 Procedure for Monthly Status Contacts During Investigations

2511.1 Exceptions for Monthly Status Contacts During Investigations

2512 Documentation of Monthly Status Contacts During Investigations

2520 Supervisor Consultations

2521 Procedure for Supervisor Consults

2521.1 Documentation for Supervisor Consults

2522 Procedure for 45-Day Supervisory Consults

2522.1 Documentation for 45-Day Supervisory Consults

2530 Additional Allegations Received During the Investigation Stage

2541 Procedure for When a Client Cannot Be Located

2600 Complex Investigations

2610 Supervisor Review of Recidivistic Cases

2620 Community Involvement in Complex Investigations

2640 Investigations Involving Family Violence Reports

2714 Documentation of Conclusion Justification

2715 Example of Conclusion Justification

2810 Procedure for Investigation Closure

2820 Documentation of Investigation Stage Closure

2821 Investigation Closure Reason Codes

2821.1 Procedures for Supervisor Investigation Stage Closure

3215.2 Action Section

3215.3 Outcome Section

3216 Documentation of Service Delivery Contacts

3217 Documenting the Client’s Withdrawal From Services

3251.1 Exceptions for Monthly Status Contacts During Service Delivery

3255 Supervisor Consultations

3255.1 Procedure for Supervisor Consults

3255.11 Documentation for Supervisor Consults

3255.2 Procedure for 60-Day Supervisory Consults

3255.22 Documentation for 60-Day Supervisory Consults

3411 Procedure for Providing Family Violence Literature to APS Clients

3470 Client Withdraws From Services

3472 Procedure for Case Closure During Service Delivery

3521 Client’s Budget and Financial Resources

3525 APS Service Authorization

4130 Documentation of Legal Actions

5114 Disclosure of Case Information to Prospective Guardians

5118.1 Subpoenas

5118.2 Notification of Investigation Involving a Guardianship to Probate Court

5241 When to Merge Cases

5300 Administrative Review for Designated Perpetrators

5310 Designated Perpetrators Ineligible for an Administrative Review

5320 Notifying the Designated Perpetrator of Findings and Eligibility for Review

5330 Procedure for Conducting the Administrative Review for Designated Perpetrators

5410 Due Process for Employee Misconduct Registry (EMR) Cases

5412 Notification of Reportable Conduct

5424.2 Release of Findings in Non-EMR Cases

5424.21 Release of Findings on Investigations of Home and Community Support Services Agency (HCSSA) Staff

5424.22 Release of Findings on Investigations of Foster Home Providers and Employees

5424.3 Emergency Release of Findings in Non-EMR Cases

5425.2 Releasing the APS Investigation to School Officials

Appendix 2000-1: APS Specialist Safety

Appendix 2000-2: Definitions of Person Characteristics

Appendix 3000-A: APS Service Code Descriptions and Unit Type Descriptions

A clarification has been made in the item below:

2261 Procedure When Client Refuses to Cooperate With APS Investigation