Adult Protective Services Handbook Revision November 14, 2011

This revision of the Adult Protective Services Handbook was published on November 14, 2011. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Program Name Change and People-First Language

This revision is made in compliance with House Bill (HB) 1481, 82nd Legislature, Regular Session. HB 1481 requires all health and human services agencies to use respectful person-first language when referring to individuals with disabilities.

No policy changes were made in this publication.

The entire APS handbook is updated to:

  •   change all APS program references from “APS MH&MR Investigations” to “APS Facility Investigations”;

  •   revise references to legacy HHS agencies and programs; and

  •   replace such terms as “elderly,” “disabled,” and “mental retardation” with their person-first equivalents.

The items below received the November 2011 revision date because their titles were changed:

1430 Assessing Allegations in Settings Investigated by APS Facilities Investigations

1431 Procedure for Assessing Allegations Involving State Services for Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities

2672 Procedure for Investigations Involving Persons Served by Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Programs

2672.1 Circumstances That Require an APS Facility Investigation

2672.2 Circumstances That Require an APS In-Home Investigation

3430 Service Delivery From Other State Agencies to APS Clients With Intellectual Disabilities or Mental Health Diagnoses