Handbook Revision, December 1, 2022

This revision of the Adult Protective Services Handbook was published on December 1, 2022. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Referrals to the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Office of Guardianship Services (OGS) (PATS 13853)

This policy revision does the following:

  • Adds procedures for notification to HHSC OGS when an investigation involves a ward under the guardianship of HHSC OGS.
  • Clarifies how to identify missing or unknown information when completing a referral to HHSC OGS.
  • Adds a time frame and process for providing missing information to HHSC OGS.
  • Adds procedure for storing assessment tools that APS staff completes as part of the HHSC OGS referral process.
  • Clarifies the process for handling a referral to HHSC OGS for rapidly diminishing assets.
  • Updates the process for a joint staffing.
  • Updates the process for requesting a review of decision and seeking dispute resolution.
  • Removes the process for a guardianship review committee.


7100 Investigations Involving a Ward


7120 Allegations Involving a Ward

7121 7120 Neglect of a Ward

7122 7130 Financial Exploitation Allegations Against a Guardian of the Estate

7130 Perpetrators and Wards of HHSC OGS

7131 Alleged Perpetrator Is Not HHSC OGS Staff Member

7132 Alleged Perpetrator Is HHSC OGS Staff Member


7300 Referrals to HHSC Office of Guardianship Services (OGS)


7320 Minimum Information for HHSC OGS Referrals


7331 Completion of a Standard Referral

7332 Case Management After Standard Referral


7341.1 Completion of an Emergency Referral After an EOPS

7342 Emergency Referral to Protect Client Assets


7350 Lack of Agreement Following a Referral Joint Staffing of Referrals to HHSC OGS

7360 Guardianship Review Committee (GRC)

7360 7370 General Issues About HHSC OGS Referrals

7371 Incomplete or Missing Information in the Referral

7361 7372 Medicaid and the Guardianship Process

7362 7373 Certificate of Medical Examination (CME)

7363 7374 Determination of Intellectual Disability

7364 7375 Communication of Status

7365 7376 Request for Extension on Filing Guardianship Application

7366 7377 Less Restrictive Alternative and Another Referral Within Six Months