Handbook Revision, November 1, 2023

Background Checks for Non-DFPS Staff (PATS 13952)

This handbook revision updates policy about background checks for people who are not DFPS employees but who have a business need for direct access to DFPS information technology resources or facilities. This includes clarifying policy about staff responsibilities, background check assessments, and determinations.


3000 Background Checks for Non-DFPS Staff.

3100 Populations Exempted from Background Checks for Non-DFPS Staff

3200 Defining Staff Division of Responsibilities for Background Checks on Non-DFPS Staff

3210 DFPS Sponsor Responsibilities

3220 Program Support Responsibilities

3230 Background Checks Division Staff Responsibilities

3300 FBI Fingerprint Checks for Non-DFPS Staff

3300 3400 Background Check Renewals

3400 3500 Background Check Assessments and Determinations

3410 3510 Background Check Determinations:  Cleared

3420 3520 Background Check determinations:  Absolute Bars

3430 3530 Background Check Determinations: Risk Assessment

3440 3540 Bar for Incomplete Background Checks