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Appendix 2000-1: Notification Time Frames

CCI January 2022

This appendix states the required time frames for CCI to send notification to various people and entities, depending on the reason for the notification and other circumstances.

Recipient of Notification

Reason for Notification

Time Frame for Notification

Complex Investigations Division

Request investigation consultation or assistance

  • Upon receipt of investigation from SWI, if the multiple referral (M-REF) indicator is present.
  • Within 24 hours, if allegations involve a child’s death.

Child’s caseworker and caseworker’s supervisor

Notification of investigation involving the child or another child in the placement

Within 24 hours of the intake report

CPI Special Investigator

Request for joint investigation or investigation assistance

Within 24 hours if either of the following applies:

  • There are allegations of sex or labor trafficking.
  • Allegations involve a child’s death.

Before initiation if any of the following apply:

  • Child has sustained serious injuries because of alleged physical abuse.
  • Child is alleged to be the victim of sexual abuse, and a facility staff member or foster parent is the alleged perpetrator.
  • Child has received a near-fatal injury.

Local law enforcement

  • Request for joint investigation about allegations of serious physical or sexual abuse of a child.
  • Report of alleged criminal activity.
  • Before initiation, or
  • Immediately upon learning of the allegations, if CCI learned of the allegations after the initiation occurred.

Local Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC)

Referral for forensic interview when allegations involve any of the following:

  • Sexual abuse of a child.
  • Child sexual aggression.
  • Serious physical abuse.
  • Child’s death or near-fatal injury, and there are surviving children in the care of an alleged perpetrator who was involved in the incident.
  • Any other situation that meets the local CAC’s protocols for investigations that should include a forensic interview.

Before initiation

The operation’s permit holder, director, or person in charge

Explanation of the following:

  • The purpose of the investigation and nature of the allegations.
  • Whether a safety plan is needed.

At the first contact with the operation

DFPS Residential Contracts

Concerns that caregivers in a residential operation are failing to provide 24-hour awake night supervision

Within two hours of the investigator identifying the concern

DFPS Residential Contracts

Concerns of either of the following:

  • The residential operation may have violated contractual requirements.
  • The residential operation may pose a high risk to children in its care.

On the same day the concerns are observed or suspected

HHS Child Care Regulation representative

A possible licensing minimum standard violation was observed

Within one business day

HHS Child Care Regulation representative

Safety plan implemented at the operation

Within 48 hours of the safety plan’s approval by a supervisor

Child’s parent, guardian, or managing conservator

  • Notification that the person’s child was interviewed or observed.
  • Information about the nature of the allegations, if the person’s child is an alleged victim.

Within 24 hours of the interview or observation

Alleged perpetrator (AP)

Notification of the AP’s right to do the following:

  • Record the AP’s interview.
  • Request a copy of CCI’s policy about recording.
  • Request an administrative review, if CCI makes a finding of Reason to Believe (RTB).

Before interviewing the AP

School district superintendent

Notification of allegations involving a student in the school district and an employee of the school district

Upon determining that an AP is employed by the school district where the alleged victim attends school

Child’s caseworker and caseworker’s supervisor

Alerts of alleged child sexual aggression, sexual behavior problems, or human trafficking

At investigation closure

HHS Child Care Regulation representative

Investigation findings

Within one business day of investigation closure

Alleged perpetrator

Investigation findings and information on requesting an administrative review if there is a finding of RTB

Within five days of investigation closure

Reporter (person who made the intake report)

Notification that the investigation has been completed

Within five days of investigation closure

Alleged victim’s parent, guardian, or managing conservator

Investigation findings

Within five days of investigation closure

Residential operation’s controlling person or designee

Investigation findings

Within five days of investigation closure

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