Handbook Revision, September 1, 2022

CCI Overview (PATS 13787)

Section 1000 of the CCI Handbook has been updated on several topics, including the following:

  • Joint investigations with other DFPS programs and external agencies.
  • The general use of technology, such as photos and audio recordings, during CCI investigations.


1153 Obtaining Consent to Enter an Unregulated Illegal Operation

1154 Actions When Entry to an Unregulated Operation Is Refused Obtaining a Court Order to Gain Access


1300 Working Joint Investigations with Other Agencies, or Departments, or Programs

1310 Other DFPS Programs


1312 Heightened Monitoring (Residential Child Care Only)

1313 DFPS Residential Contracts (Residential Child Care Only)


1322 Conducting a Joint Investigation with Law Enforcement

1323 Documenting Contact with Law Enforcement

1330 Roles and Responsibilities of Child Care Investigations and Child Care Licensing During an Investigation HHSC Child Care Regulation

1340 Family Advocates and Other Advocacy Organizations


1410 Use of State-Issued Equipment

1420 Using Photographs, Audio, Video, and Scanned Information as Investigative Tools

1421 Using Audio Recordings as an Investigative Tool

1422 Photographs and Video of Children

1422.1 Taking Sensitive Photographs

1423 Photographs of a Facility, House, Room, or Outdoor Area

1424 Inappropriate Use of Photographs or Video

1425 1423 Taking Photographs That Present Better Evidence

1426 1424 Overcoming an Operation’s Resistance to Being Photographed Legal Requirements to Take Photos