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1440 Security of Case Records

CPS October 2020

Staff members must make sure case records are secure in order to protect against the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, as required by the Texas Family Code, Section 261.201. Staff members must also prevent alterations to or early destruction of the case record.

In the event of unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, refer to DFPS’s internal policy on security breaches of records or personal information, OP-4103 Security Breaches of Confidential Records or Sensitive Personal Information.

Custodianship of Records

The custodian of records (COR) for a case record is the person responsible for providing, authenticating, and testifying about a case record if a subpoena is served. See DFPS Subpoena Policy, 1230 The CPS Custodian of Records.

Staff members resigning from DFPS or transferring to other positions relinquish all case records and documentation to their supervisor by the end of their last working day or a subsequent date approved by the supervisor.

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