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8243.2 Programs for Children with Developmental Delays

CPS November 2006

A worker may authorize this service when a child needs treatment to correct identified developmental delays or the child's parent(s) need training to help the child overcome developmental delays, or both.

8243.21 Determining Eligibility

CPS November 2006

Eligible clients must include one or more children over the age of three* with developmental delays and their family members or caregivers who are:

  •  Families in open CPS cases; or

  •  Foster and prospective adoptive parents when the service helps to maintain appropriate placement.

Note: Services of a Program for Children with Developmental Delays may also be provided to foster or adoptive parents to support and stabilize placements of children in care and to prevent disruptions. Medicaid will cover only the eligible client. Title IV-B funds should be used to cover services of a Program for Children with Developmental Delays for family members and foster and adoptive parents.

*Children under age three may be served if in the child's area there are no Early Childhood Intervention services, or no comprehensive care program and service covered under Texas Health Steps.

8243.22 Identifying Available Services

CPS November 2006

The services available through the contract may include training for the child or caregivers to help them overcome and deal with the child's developmental delays.

Providers of these services must be willing to:

  •  Appear in a court to provide testimony when needed; and

  •  Participate in staffing for the client's case planning.

     Note: These services may not include child day care.

  •  Contractors for developmental treatment services include but are not limited to

  •  Pediatric nurses;

  •  Child development specialists;

  •  Rehabilitation centers;

  •  Infant stimulation programs; and

  •  Educational diagnosticians.

8243.23 Referring Clients

CPS November 2006

For complete instructions on adding, extending and terminating services, see:

8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services

8243.24 Using IMPACT

CPS November 2006

To authorize services, workers must enter the following details into the IMPACT case management system:

Programs for Children With Developmental Delays






Special Needs


Program Dev/Delay

Unit of Service


Service Code


When IMPACT is Unavailable

If the IMPACT case management system is not functioning or the worker is otherwise unable to access it, the worker may authorize programs for children with developmental delays by submitting a paper copy of Form 2054, Service Authorization.

For complete instructions, see:

8164 Manual Authorization — Submitting a Paper Form

8243.25 Handling Additional Duties

CPS November 2006

The CPS worker must maintain communication with the contract provider to ensure that the client(s) is receiving adequate and appropriate services to treat the developmental delays and to determine the client's level of participation and progress.

To authorize additional units of service, or to extend or reauthorize the service, the worker must follow the procedures in:

8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services

8243.26 Terminating Service

CPS November 2006

If the program for children with developmental delays is being terminated before the end date on Form 2054, Service Authorization, see:

8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services

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