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8412 Types of Service

8412.1 Casework and Service Planning
8412.11 Defining Casework and Service Planning

CPS November 2006

Workers provide children and their adoptive families with post adoption services, based on the:

  •  child's and the family's current needs and level of functioning,

  •  services that the child and family have received in the past, and

  •  resources available to them now.

Casework includes, but is not limited to the following categories of tasks:



Coordination and Delivery

  •  determining and documenting a client's eligibility;

  •  maintaining case records;

  •  assessing the availability of financial resources from family, community, and third-party sources to help pay for services; and

  •  ensuring that financial resources available from family, community, and third-party sources are used when available;

  •  assessing a client needs;

  •  counseling families on the services they need or are receiving;

  •  developing and implementing service plans, and reviewing and revising them when necessary;

  •  participating in staffings or service-planning meetings, with other agencies that are working with a child or a family, such as an admission, review, and dismissal committee at a child's school or a community resource coordination group, and

  •  assessing an adopted child's need for residential care outside the adoptive home, and applying for a determination on the level-of-care if the child requires such care.

  •  providing direct services during family crises;

  •  subcontracting for direct services;

  •  monitoring the timeliness, quality, and effectiveness of subcontracted services;

  •  advising and consulting with subcontractors;

  •  identifying community resources and service providers that can meet a client's needs, referring the client to those resources and providers for services, and coordinating the services provided; and

  •  providing general information and referral services to non-clients.

8412.12 Maintaining a Service Plan

CPS November 2006

Except as specified in 8412.2 Support Groups, each contractor must develop a sound, written service plan for each child and family that the contractor serves.

The service plan must:

  •  be based on a thorough assessment of the child's and the family's needs,

  •  identify the services that will be provided to the child and family, and

  •  specify how and when each service will be provided.

The contractor must review and revise the service plan as often as necessary to reflect changes in the child's or family's circumstances.

At a minimum, the contractor must revise the service plan:

  •  at least every six months, or

  •  at least every three months if the child is in residential therapeutic care as specified in 8412.6 Residential Therapeutic Care.

Note: If the child is in residential therapeutic care, CPS regional workers must review and approve the service plan whenever it is revised. In all other cases, they must do so at least every six months. 

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