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Appendix 1564.1: Manual Receipt of Funds

CPS January 2010

The AR accountant takes the following steps:

1.   When a check is received in the mail, it must be recorded on the Manual Receipt Log Form for Income Received at DFPS Office (Form 8105 Reg/MRL). The accounts receivable accountant, or a designee other than an accounts payable (AP) accountant, enters the date of receipt, the amount of the check, the check number, the payee’s name and SSN, and the source of funds.

2.   Makes two copies of the check. 

  ·  One copy goes to Accounts Receivable (AR); the AR accountant initials the log – Received By.

  ·  One copy stays with the monthly Manual Receipt Check Log form to be used as part of the bank reconciliation process. When the reconciliation process is approved, initials are placed in the last column – Approved By.

3.   On the back of the check, writes or uses a stamp as follows: For Deposit Only in Account # (enter regional checking account number).

4.   Completes a bank deposit form, and makes a copy.

5.   No later than the next business day, mails the check and the original deposit form via certified mail to the representative at Citibank.

6.   Tapes the certified mail receipt to the back of the copy of the deposit slip.

7.   Attaches a copy of the check and keeps all documents together in a suspense file.

8.   Once the green card from the certified mail is received, tapes it beneath the copy of the certified mail receipt.

9.   Enters the deposit in the IMPACT system using the date the deposit was entered into the bank.

10. Cash must not be accepted. If cash is offered for a deposit, requests this be put on a money order for the child. Accepts the money order and proceeds with Step 1.

Missing Deposit Process

The AR accountant takes the following steps:

1.   Ensures the deposit is listed on the next bank deposit.

2.   If the green card is not received at the time the bank statement is reconciled, contacts the representative at Citibank to see if it was received.

3.   If the bank has not received the card, contacts the post office.

      The post office needs the number on the certified mail receipt to track the letter with the deposit item.

4.   If the check has been lost in the mail, contacts the source of the funds and requests the check be reissued.

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