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Appendix 2813-F: Incorrect Type of Abuse or Neglect Alleged in Intake Allegation (Case Scenario)

CPS September 2002

Scenario: In this scenario, Sue is the alleged victim, Joe is an 8-year old sibling, Jan is a 15-year-old sibling, Ann is the mother, and Jack is the father.

The reporter alleged that Jack medically neglected Sue. 

In this instance, the investigation worker could finalize the allegations as indicated in the following chart (all possible outcomes may not be represented).

If the intake allegation is "Jack MDNG Sue" and the worker found that …

Then the appropriate action for the worker to take is to …

And, the finalized allegation(s) would be …

It is reasonable to conclude that Sue was not medically neglected,

Give the allegation the disposition of "ruled out."

Jack MDNG Sue = R/O

It was not possible to determine whether Jack medically neglected Sue,

Give the allegation the disposition of "unable to determine."

Jack MDNG Sue = UTD

There was a preponderance of evidence that Jack physically neglected Sue, Jan, and Joe,

Add allegations that Jack physically neglected Sue, Jan, and Joe and give them the disposition of "reason to believe."`

Jack PHNG Sue = RTB

Jack PHNG Jan = RTB

Jack PHNG Joe = RTB


Appendix 2813-A, Adding, Deleting, and Changing Allegations in the Investigation Stage

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