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Appendix 3473: Guidelines for Case Closure or Legal Intervention

CPS March 2009

The worker uses the following guidelines to determine whether to close a case or seek legal intervention:

  ·  Have the parents demonstrated both a willingness and an ability to use others in time of need?

  ·  Have the parents addressed identified concerns and needs that contributed to the abuse or neglect of the child?

  ·  Have the parents made the changes necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the child?

  ·  Does the family have a plan in place in the event that a crisis arises?

  ·  Have the parents communicated their crisis plan with each and the support people involved?

  ·  Does one parent realize when the other parent needs help and offer the help needed?

  ·  Does the family have other family members or support persons and services in the community to rely on in times of need? 

  ·  Are the child’s basic needs being met (housing, food, clothing, medical, developmental)?

  ·  Are the parents' expectations of the child realistic?

  ·  Is the family home free from potential safety or health hazards?

  ·  How do the parents and children interact with each other?

  ·  Has the child responded well to the changes the parents have made?

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