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Appendix 4000-1: Placement Checklist for Children With Disabilities

CPS May 2012

The caseworker completes the following case activities before contacting state office for placement assistance or seeking approval for an institutional placement:

1.   Updates the Common Application to indicate current behaviors and submit the Common Application to placement staff and developmental disability specialist to search for potential placements

2.   Updates Person information in IMPACT ensuring that all diagnosed developmental disability characteristics are noted

3.   Consults with supervisor and placement team, which includes: Centralized Placement Unit (CPU), residential treatment placement coordinator, and developmental disability specialist about placement options

4.   Contacts the developmental disability specialist, who has knowledge of service needs and resources for children with intellectual or developmental disabilities

5    Ensures the level of care (LOC) was reviewed and determines it is appropriate and correct

6.   Follows up with placement staff regularly, because unavailable beds may become available at any time. CPU keeps a list of placements that have been contacted by the placement coordinator with the date and reason for denial

7.   Holds a community resource coordination group meeting (CRCG) or the equivalent to obtain recommendation and placement options (the county or CRCG coordinator may be contacted to schedule this meeting)

      The caseworker’s supervisor should know the name of the CRCG contact person. If not, the contact person may be determined by visiting the HHSC website at State Community Resource Coordination Groups.

8.   Puts the child on any and all waiting lists for placements, regardless of the time an opening might be available.

9.   Contacts the Local Authority (LA) regarding possible services for intellectual and developmental disabilities.

10. Contacts the Local Authority to place a child on the appropriate Medicaid Waiver Interest Lists according to their process and follows up on status of youth on interest list.

When the checklist has been exhausted and the placement team has no further recommendations, a state office memo requesting placement in a facility for individuals who experience intellectual or developmental disabilities may be pursued according to 6323 Conducting the Visit.

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