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Appendix 6000-1: Discharging Children from Substitute Care

CPS February 2017

When discharging a child from substitute care, the caseworker and caregiver must provide the receiving family with the materials and information needed to adequately care for the child. This applies whether the child has been in foster care or relative placement.

Copying and Filing Materials

Before providing materials to the receiving family, the caseworker must copy the materials and file them in the child’s record.

Maintaining a Checklist of Materials

Workers may use the following checklist to track each item provided to the receiving family. When the checklist is complete, the caseworker:

  •  notes the date in the space below; and

  •  files the list in the family’s record.

The items the family and child will need include but are not limited to the following (if an item does not apply to the child, the caseworker writes “NA” in the space provided):

__  The child’s original birth certificate

__  The child’s original Social Security card

__  Photographs

__  The child’s clothing and toys

__  A copy of the final court order

      The family’s attorney should provide a copy, but the caseworker must confirm that the family has received it before closing the case.

__  The child’s school records, including the last report card

__  The child’s medical and dental reports, exams, and logs

__  Details on follow-up medical appointments that are scheduled or need to be scheduled

__  Details on follow-up dental appointments that are scheduled or need to be scheduled

__  The child’s record of immunizations

__  The child’s psychological evaluations (when appropriate)

__  The child’s original Medicaid card, which is valid until the end of the month that the child leaves care

      Ensure that the new caregiver knows how to apply for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and if not help the caregiver do so.

__  The child’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application

      Ensure that it has been completed or that the payee on any of the child’s benefits has been transferred to the caregiver, if appropriate.

__  The child’s medication

      If the prescription is nearly empty, the caseworker or caregiver must provide a current refill to give the receiving family time to make an appointment with a physician to get the prescription refilled.

__  A Texas Health Steps brochure

Date above tasks completed: ____________________

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