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7000 Internal Operations

RMG September 2016

RMG maintains internal operations with integrity and professionalism and in doing so holds true to the following values:

  •  Protect records entrusted to us and properly release them to those entitled.

  •  Serve our customers with courtesy and respect through innovation and teamwork.

  •  Help to ensure children have a loving home, nurturing school, and safe day care.

  •  Help adults maintain their independence, dignity, and safety.

  •  Support and preserve the work of those who protect the unprotected.

  •  Value our staff’s ideas and contributions and strive to bring out excellence in everyone.

  •  Embrace change and operate with integrity, accountability, and transparency.

All RMG members must read, acknowledge, and follow these protocols.

7100 Timekeeping

RMG September 2016

The HHS Human Resources Manual is the final authority concerning timekeeping practices; however, day-to-day operations of RMG require additional protocols outlined in the RMG Timekeeping Guidelines.

7200 Confidentiality

RMG September 2016

RMG recognizes the importance of protecting confidential information and proactively takes steps to secure this information. The RMG Confidentiality Guidelines augment and support the current policies that HHSC employees must follow.

7300 Communication

RMG September 2016

RMG staff must use good judgment and courtesy when communicating. Staff must identify a recipient’s current job position and title prior to correspondence to ensure that the correct person is being contacted and that messages are communicated appropriately with respect to chain of command.

7400 Safety Practices

RMG September 2016

RMG employees should conduct themselves in ways that do not endanger anyone’s health and safety.

DFPS Safety Policy HR-1107

7500 Performance Management

RMG September 2016

RMG employees work with their supervisors to achieve accountable and transparent performance management. These procedures augment and support overarching performance management protocols in the HHS Human Resources Manual and DFPS Employee Evaluation Criteria (HR-4101).

RMG 360 Performance Review Procedural Manual

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