Handbook Revision, September 2023

This revision of the Records Management Group Handbook was published on September 1, 2023.

Requests for Public Information (Open Records) (PATS 14016)

In response to House Bill (HB) 3033, 88th Legislature, Regular Session, the DFPS Records Management Group has updated section 3420 and added three new sections (3421, 3422, and 3423).

Summary of HB 3033:

  • The bill allows the Office of the Attorney General of Texas (OAG) to mandate training for public officials about the Public Information Act (PIA).
  • The bill amends the Public Information Act (PIA) and provides a 30-day deadline for a governmental body that requested an opinion from the OAG to provide documents to a requestor in conformance with the opinion, with some exceptions.
  • The bill also requires the OAG to establish a searchable database of opinion requests and opinions.
  • The bill also provides that a state agency can release certain records in sub-groups (batches). If releasing in batches, the agency must provide an update to the requestor every 30 business days.


3420 Requests for Public Information (DFPS Open Records)

3421 Attorney General Opinions about Requests for Public Information (DFPS Open Records)

3422 Receiving and Responding to Requests for Public Information (DFPS Open Records)

3423 Responsibility of DFPS Employee to Provide Information Requested (DFPS Open Records)