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1000 Organization and Administration

1100 Department of Family and Protective Services - Child Protective Investigations (CPI) and Child Protective Services (CPS) Programs

1110 DFPS and CPI Mission and Vision

CPS May 2024


We promote safe and healthy families and protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


Improving the lives of those we serve.

1111 Child Protective Services Mission, Vision, and Values

CPS August 2021


We partner with families and communities to address child abuse and neglect by practicing in a way that ensures safety, permanency, and well-being for the children and youth we serve.


Children First: Protected and Connected


Our values represent the ideals we share and serve as broad guidelines for every situation. Our practice is built on our values.

Respect: We show respect to the children, youth, and families we serve by demonstrating our understanding that they are more than the reason that brought them to us, and by seeking ways for them to guide the help they receive.

Commitment: We display our commitment through pursuit of the best outcome for each of the children, youth, and families we serve, knowing our interventions have important implications for them.

Integrity: We demonstrate integrity by communicating to the children, youth, and families we serve about our purpose and how we make decisions in a way that is easily understood, and when we follow through on our words and obligations to them.

Equity: We achieve equity in outcomes by applying our methods fairly and consistently, and customizing our interventions to the unique cultural and community context of the children, youth, and families we serve.

Urgency: We work with a sense of urgency to reach safety, permanency, and well-being concurrently for every child and youth we serve, and this is reflected in each of our interventions.

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