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1140 Relationship to Other Agencies and Entities

CPS October 2020

DFPS uses the resources and services of public and private agencies and county governments either on a referral basis or by agreements such as MOUs and contracts with these entities. Agreements and contracts may extend to public and private agencies in other states. If DFPS does not offer the services directly, DFPS may sign purchase of service contracts with state and local agencies. The availability of purchased services is subject to DFPS funding and the existence of local providers.


Community-Based Care Regional Operation Manuals

8000 Purchased Protective Services

1141 Federal and State Agencies

CPS October 2020

Several federal and state agencies provide services to clients who also receive services from CPI and CPS. Staff must be familiar with the services of these agencies and make referrals when appropriate (see Appendix 1132 Federal and State Agencies).

1142 Protective Services Contracts

CPS December 2021

Protective services contracts between DFPS and a county provide for a county-wide, joint-financed, and state-administered program of child protection. The contracted program may not include a probation or a general relief program. Local DFPS offices manage these contracted programs.

1142.1 Development of Protective Services Contracts

CPS December 2021

In developing protective services contracts, DFPS staff have the following responsibilities.

CPI and CPS State Office Staff

  • Approve changes to Part A of the contract outline.
  • Prepare the official copies of the contract.
  • Provide consultation to the region about the contract.

CPI and CPS Regional Staff

Faith-Based and Community Engagement Regional Staff

  • Provide orientation to child welfare board members.
  • Meet regularly with the child welfare board (CPI and CPS regional staff may serve as liaisons to child welfare boards as needed).
  • Provide DFPS with information about the chairman of the child welfare board (including name, address, and tenure).


The CPS associate commissioner or the designee must approve any exceptions to Part A of the contract outline.

DFPS regional staff works with the county to resolve any differences with Part B of the contract outline.

After a protective services contract is executed, the county, with input from DFPS staff, establishes a child welfare board. The child welfare board is a link between the county commissioners court and DFPS.

See Appendix 1132.2(c): Responsibilities of DFPS, Child Welfare Board, and County for more information.

1143 Statewide Parent Collaboration Group and Regional Parent Support Group

CPS September 2021

The statewide Parent Collaboration Group (PCG) is a partnership between DFPS and parents who have been recipients of CPS services. The PCG is a venue for gathering and incorporating parental feedback to enhance CPS policy and practice.

The PCG provides the following:

  • Information to staff regarding what parents experience as recipients of CPS services.
  • Recommendations for improvement.


Texas Administrative Code Rule §702.513 Parent Collaboration Group

Regional Parent Support Groups Resource Guide

1144 Criminal Records Check for Authorized Volunteer Organizations

CPS December 2021

The Human Resources Code (HRC) and Government Code authorize DFPS to obtain criminal history information on volunteers or people applying to be volunteers with the following organizations:

  • Texas affiliates of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).
  • Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas.

The local contact person for DFPS provides Form 2854 Request for Central Registry and Criminal History Background Checks to the organizations authorized to request criminal history background information on volunteers or volunteer applicants. The volunteer organization must ensure that the volunteer or applicant provides written consent to disclose that information to DFPS.

DFPS sends the criminal background check results received from Department of Public Safety (DPS) to the volunteer organization.

DFPS Rules, 40 TAC §700.105

1145 Bookkeeping and External Entities

CPS December 2021

DFPS staff are not allowed to perform bookkeeping functions for funds belonging to an external entity.

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