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8230 Services for Caregivers

8231 Homemaker Services

8231.1 Protective Homemaker Services

CPS November 2006

A protective homemaker is trained and supervised to improve the functioning of a family by modeling and teaching home management and childcare skills. Workers may contract for a protective homemaker when one is needed to:

  •  reduce the risk of abuse or neglect; or

  •  promote family unification.

8231.11 Determining Eligibility

CPS November 2006

Clients are eligible for this service when children are in:

  •  the home;

  •  placed with a relative, or

  •  substitute care, and the permanency plan is to return home.

Note: The home where the services are to be provided must consent to the services.

8231.12 Identifying Available Services

CPS November 2006

The services available through a contract with a protective homemaker must include:

  •  modeling and teaching in the following areas:

  •  Nutrition and cooking

  •  Personal hygiene

  •  Budgeting

  •  Housekeeping

  •  Stress management

  •  Safety

  •  Time management

  •  modeling and teaching the following aspects of child care:

  •  Child development

  •  Behavior management

  •  Parent-child relationship

  •  General skills

  •  locating and using needed resources;

  •  participating in staffings for case planning; and

  •  appearing in court to provide testimony when needed.

Note: A contract with a protective homemaker may also provide for limited transportation to help clients access needed resources. Protective homemakers do not provide medical or nursing care.

8231.13 Referring Clients

CPS November 2006

For complete referral instructions, see:

8161.1 Active Cases – Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services

8231.14 Using IMPACT

CPS November 2006

To authorize services, workers must enter the following details into the IMPACT case management system:

Protective Homemaker Services








Homemaker/Parent Svc

Unit of Service


Service Code


When IMPACT is Unavailable

If the IMPACT case management system is not functioning or the worker is otherwise unable to access it, the worker may authorize protective homemaker services by submitting a paper copy of Form 2054, Service Authorization.

For complete instructions see: 

8164 Manual Authorization – Submitting a Paper Form

8231.15 Handling Additional Duties

CPS November 2006

The worker should maintain monthly contact with the homemaker to determine the client’s level of participation and ability to process and implement new information.

To authorize additional units of service or extend or reauthorize the service, the worker must follow the procedures in:

8161.1 Active Cases – Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services

8231.16 Terminating Services

CPS November 2006

If the homemaker service is being terminated before the end date on Form 2054, Service Authorization, see:

8161.1 Active Cases – Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services

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