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8260 Adoption Services (Pre-Consummated Adoptions)

CPS November 2006

Adoption services may be purchased individually or in combination. It is good casework practice to have the same contractor providing services, unless there is a specific reason to do otherwise.

CPS purchases adoption services from private, non-profit child-placing agencies or equivalent agencies licensed in other states.

8261 HSEGH Reports — Health, Social, Educational, and Genetic History

CPS November 2006

A worker may request a HSEGH report anytime a report is needed to comply with policy or Child-Care Licensing standards.

A child is eligible for a HSEGH report if:

  •  The child is in the managing conservatorship of DFPS; see 8265 Subsequent Adoptive Placement Services,

  •  The permanency planning goal for the child is adoption; and

  •  One of the following applies:

  •  The child is legally available for adoption (that is, the parents are deceased, or their parental rights have been terminated), or

  •  A legal risk placement is being considered for the child and a petition to terminate parental rights has been filed with the court, or

  •  A termination hearing is scheduled within 90 days.

When needed, CPS may purchase the preparation of HSEGH reports from contractors approved by the contracting region. Additional exceptions may be made when there are not sufficient contractors in the region to perform the service.

8261.1 Identifying Available Services for HSEGH Reports

CPS November 2006

Contracts for HSEGH reports must include the following services:

  •  A review of the client's records;

  •  Interviews, as appropriate, with staff and family members; and

  •  A written HSEGH report that meets the statutory requirements of the Texas Family Code, §162.007, Contents of Health, Social, Educational, and Genetic History Report.

8261.2 Using IMPACT

CPS November 2006

To authorize a report, workers must enter the following details into the IMPACT system:

HSEGH (History) Reports






Adoption Services


Adoption Readiness Study (HSEGH)

Unit of Service


Service Code


8261.21 When IMPACT is Unavailable

CPS November 2006

If the IMPACT system is not functioning or the worker is otherwise unable to access it, the worker may authorize HSEGH services by submitting a paper copy of Form 2054, Service Authorization.

For complete instructions, see 8164 Manual Authorization — Submitting a Paper Form.

8261.3 Altering a Request

CPS November 2006

To authorize additional reports or in some way change the request, see 8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services.

8261.4 Terminating a Request

CPS November 2006

If the request for a HSEGH report is terminated before the end date on Form 2054, Service Authorization, see 8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services.

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