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8262 Adoptive Placement Services (Including Legal Risk Placements)

CPS November 2006

Material posted in this section that does not specifically address in-state or out-of-state Adoptive Placement Services applies to both.

For Adoptive Placement Services that are legal risk, the contractor provides concurrent preparation and support services for foster care and adoption, until the legal risk placement becomes an adoptive placement.

For information about ICPC adoptions, see 8320 ICPC Placement and Courtesy Supervision Services.

A worker may authorize adoption placement services when a specific family has been identified as the adoptive placement for a child.

8262.18262.1 Determining Eligibility

CPS November 2006

Eligibility criteria require:

  •  the child to be in the managing conservatorship of DFPS;

  •  the permanency planning goal for the child to be adopted; and

  •  either the child is:

  •  legally available for adoption (the parents are deceased, or their parental rights have been terminated),

  •  a legal risk placement is being considered for the child and a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights has been filed with the court, or

  •  a termination hearing is scheduled within 90 days.

8262.28262.2 Identifying Available Services

CPS November 2006

The adoptive placement services available by contract may include:

  •  recruitment of potential adoptive families;

  •  adoptive parent training and assessment regarding:

  •  separation and attachment; the importance of the birth, extended, and temporary families; and the need for a child to maintain sibling contact and birth family connections,

  •  dynamics and affect of abuse and neglect on children and their development,

  •  behaviors exhibited by children who have experienced the trauma of abuse and neglect,

  •  age-appropriate non-physical discipline and agreement to abide by the CPS discipline policy,

  •  availability and use of community resources, including the Adoption Assistance Program and the Post-Adoptive Services Program (Consummated Adoptions), to strengthen the support network of the adoptive family and encourage advocacy for their adopted children,

  •  sexuality and its manifestations in children who have been abused and neglected;

  •  a completed pre-adoptive home screening (previously called an adoptive home screening or a home study);

  •  participation in selection of the adoptive home;

  •  presentation of information regarding the child to the adoptive family;

  •  a completed, approved, and signed placement agreement;

  •  preparing the child's prospective adoptive parents for a placement as specified in 6943 Preparing the Family and the Child for the Placement; and

  •  a completed, approved, and signed copy of the adoption services plan.

8262.3 Referring Clients for In-State Adoption Services

CPS November 2006

For complete instructions on referring clients for in-state adoption services, see 8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services.

Additional Instructions

Only one Form 2054, Service Authorization, is required for Adoptive Placement Services and Post-Placement Adoption Services if placement and consummation both occur within a six-month period.

However, an additional service authorization is required for Post-Placement Adoption Services if:

  •  the adoption is consummated six or more months after the date of the initial service authorization; or

  •  DFPS contracts for post-placement adoption services with a different child-placing agency (CPA) for good cause.

8262.4 Using IMPACT

CPS November 2006

To authorize services, workers must enter the following details into the IMPACT system:

Adoptive Placement Services (in-state)






Adoption Services


Adoptive Placement

Unit of Service


Service Code


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