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8264 Post-Placement Adoption Services (Pre-Consummated)

8264.1 Determining Eligibility

CPS November 2006

To be eligible for post-placement adoptive services, the child must be:

  •  placed in an adoptive home through a contract for Adoptive Placement Services, see 8262 Adoptive Placement Services (Including Legal Risk Placements); or

  •  placed in a CPS adoptive home, but there is good cause to contract for Post-Placement Adoption Services (good cause being defined as a conflict of interest, lack of workers or other resources, the family moving out of state, adoptive placement requiring intensive services, and so on).

CPS does not purchase Post-Placement Adoption Services for foster parents verified by CPS who are adopting children in the care of CPS. Post-Placement Adoption Services to these families are provided directly by CPS.

8264.2 Identifying Available Services

CPS November 2006

The Post-Placement Adoption Services available through the contract must include:

  •  fulfilling the adoption service plan for the adoptive family and revising the plan at a minimum of every six months;

  •  providing adoption support services to the family;

  •  supervising the adoptive placement;

  •  guiding the family and the parent's attorney toward finalization and consummation of the adoption through support services; and

  •  completing a post-placement adoptive report (previously called a court-ordered social study).

If the original placement disrupts, the contractor may work with CPS to plan for another placement for the child that includes:

  •  a review of the child's permanency planning goal, as specified in 6220 Permanency Planning Process; and

  •  a review of other available adoptive homes.

8264.3 Referring Clients

CPS November 2006

For complete instructions on referring a client for Post-Placement Adoption Services, see 8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services

Additional Instructions

Only one Form 2054, Service Authorization, is required for Adoptive Placement Services and Post-Placement Adoption Services if placement and consummation both occur within a six-month period.

However, an additional service authorization is required for Post-Placement Adoption Services if:

  •  the adoption is consummated six or more months after the date of the initial service authorization; or

  •  DFPS contracts for post-placement adoption services with a different child-placing agency for good cause.

8264.4 Using IMPACT

CPS November 2006

To authorize services, workers must enter the following details into the IMPACT system:

Post-Placement Adoption Services






Adoption Services


Post-Place Supervision

Unit of Service


Service Code


8264.5 Handling Additional Duties

CPS November 2006

The worker's responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  •  Arranging for edited copies of the child's medical, therapeutic, and educational records to be provided to the adoptive family's doctor, therapist, and school;

  •  Coordinating with the eligibility specialist or bookkeeper to make sure all of the child's monthly income and benefits are forwarded to the child's adoptive family or returned to the appropriate federal agency, (such as, supplemental security income (SSI); retirement, survivors, and disability insurance (RSDI); and veterans benefits);

  •  Extending or reauthorizing the service, when necessary, by following the procedures in 8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services;

  •  If the adoption is not consummated within 12 months after the initial placement working with the contractor to consummate the adoption by reviewing the placement, identifying realistic deadlines, and meeting objectives; and

  •  If the adoptive placement disrupts, working with the contractor to make another placement for the child.

For a full list of responsibilities, see 6900 Adoption Preparation and Support Services.

8264.6 Terminating Services

CPS November 2006

If the post-placement adoption services are being terminated before the end date on Form 2054, Service Authorization, see 8161.1 Active Cases — Authorizing, Extending, or Terminating Direct Services.

Post-Placement Adoption Services conclude after the worker verifies to the contract manager that the worker has received from the CPA:

  •  a record of all supervisory visits;

  •  a copy of the filed and stamped adoption petition;

  •  a copy of the post-placement adoptive report;

  •  a copy of the adoption decree issued by the court; and

  •  documentation from the bookkeeper that ensures that all savings and money held in trust for the child by DFPS has been forwarded to the adoptive family.

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