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8420 Duties of a Regional Liaison

CPS November 2006

Note: The CPS program administrator must appoint a program liaison to work with each contractor that provides post adoption services.

The program liaison must:

  •  Maintain current knowledge of the post adoption program;

  •  Help educate staff and community members about services;

  •  Work with the contractor and CPS workers when waiver requests or policy exceptions are needed;

  •  Participate in monitoring the contract for program quality;

  •  Facilitate communication between providers and CPS workers with the goal of improving placement practices;

  •  Help the contractor establish client eligibility when necessary;

  •  Participate in staffings of post adoption cases when requested by CPS staff or the contractor, including participating in discussions of  and planning for a child's return to DFPS care; and

  •  Ensure that service authorizations are entered into the IMPACT system in a timely manner.

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