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8413 Using Nonprogram Funds

CPS November 2006

When an adopted child is in residential therapeutic care through the post adoption services program, DFPS may allow the family to keep up to $150 of its monthly adoption assistance to pay for the following, rather than applying the full assistance payment to the child's residential care:

  •  clothing the child, and

  •  traveling to visit the child at the residential care facility.


8412.6 Residential Therapeutic Care

Setting a Payment Ceiling

When CPS's payments for post adoption services are supplemented with nonprogram funds, the total amount paid from all sources cannot exceed the amount that DFPS would pay if nonprogram funds were not involved.

For example, when an adopted child receives residential therapeutic care as specified in Post adoption 8410.16, the department subtracts the nonprogram funds available for the child's residential care from the authorized payment rate for the child's billing service level, then pays the difference with post adoption-services funds.

8414 The Contract Plan of Operation for Post Adoption Services

CPS November 2006

The Plan of Operation must:

  •  describe how the contractor will provide each type of service and to what extent; see:

8412 Types of Service

  •  indicate what services will be subcontracted, and how they will be evaluated;

  •  establish time frames within which

  •  subcontractors must bill the contractor and

  •  the contractor must bill DFPS

      Note: All bills must be submitted within 60 days of the date of service;

  •  establish limits on the number of counseling sessions for the child and family;

  •  establish limits on the number of participants in group-counseling sessions;

  •  require every post adoptive counseling provider to:

  •  establish a written treatment plan for each client before the client's fourth counseling session; and

  •  ensure that each treatment plan specifies the purpose of the treatment, the type of counseling to be provided (individual, group, or family), and the frequency of treatment;

  •  require the contractor to evaluate the effectiveness of a client's treatment based on the provider's therapy notes before extending an authorization for counseling sessions; see:

8412.4 Post Adoption Counseling;

  •  require the contractor to:

  •  follow CPS's policies and procedures for determining and reviewing a child's service level, and

  •  prepare and submit documentation to DFPS's levels-of-service contractor when a child is referred for residential therapeutic care; see:

4400 Texas Service Levels System

  •  specify the procedures the contractor must follow to ensure that DFPS adoption assistance is properly applied to the cost of a child's post adoption services, particularly if the child is in residential therapeutic care;

  •  require the contractor to participate in community resource coordination groups to coordinate services for children who require the services of more than one state agency; and

  •  require the contractor to notify CPS of a closed case no more than 60 days after the last time services were provided.

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