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8522 Programmatic Consultation

CPS November 2006

A region may purchase this service to obtain consultation to improve services to protect families and children. 

8140 Consultant Contracts

Note: Consultation services must be used when regional worker training is needed on specific topics. This service does not include consultation on specific cases. For case-specific consultation, see:

8514 Diagnostic Consultation — Case Specific

8522.1 Identifying Allowable Services

CPS November 2006

The services requested through a contract for a program consultant may include:

  •  analyses,

  •  operational review,

  •  advice,

  •  recommendations,

  •  reports, and/or 

  •  training to improve regional or state office services.

8522.2 Requesting Services

CPS November 2006

A CPS worker preparing a request for programmatic consultation services must:

  •  obtain all necessary approvals, and

  •  submit a request to the contract manager that:

  •  Specifies the required qualifications for the consultant;

  •  Identifies each person who will act as a consultant under the contract;

  •  Identifies the purposes of the consulting services to be provided;

  •  Describes the scope, schedule, and kinds of activities to be provided;

  •  Specifies measurable objectives;

  •  Specifies the outcomes that will be used to evaluate the success or failure of the consultation; and

  •  Estimates the number of CPS workers and others who will receive consulting services under the contract.

8522.3 Working in IMPACT

CPS November 2006

To authorize a consultation, workers must enter the following details into the IMPACT case management system:

Programmatic Consultation






Contract Management


CPS Regional Program Consult

Unit of Service


Service Code

56K (CPS Regional)

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