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Appendix 2813-B: Correcting Information in Intake Allegations

CPS September 2012

The investigation caseworker may not change an allegation entered at intake except to add the name of an alleged perpetrator to an allegation that does not already name one. To make this change:

  •  On the Allegation List page, select the allegation and click Detail; and

  •  On the Allegation Detail page, select the appropriate person from the Alleged Perpetrator List and Save.

Changing Intake Allegations in Other Ways

If the findings of the investigation require changing an intake allegation in a way other than adding an alleged perpetrator’s name, see:

Appendix 2813-C: Alleged Perpetrator Incorrectly Named in Intake Allegation (Case Scenario)

Appendix 2813-D: No Alleged Perpetrator Named in Intake Allegation (Case Scenario)

Appendix 2813-E: Child Under Age 10 Incorrectly Named as Alleged Perpetrator in Intake Allegation (Case Scenario)

Appendix 2813-F: Incorrect Type of Abuse or Neglect Alleged in Intake Allegation (Case Scenario)

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